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  • I offer weekly sessions with individualized instruction for your child's unique needs using research-supported methods. 

    • Social skills groups​

    • Speech articulation

    • Preverbal communicators

    • Language skills for Reading and Writing

    • Oral language interventions 

  • Virtual Speech/Language sessions (Teletherapy) Now offering speech services through teletherapy. Engaging and individualized lessons provided online.  Initial consultation regarding the suitability of this modality will be decided and continually monitored on an individual basis. 

Assessment & Screening

  • Initial assessments and ongoing evaluation to determine areas of need and plan interventions. 


  • Collaboration with other providers (School-based speech pathologist, OT, PT, BA, Learning Specialist, Psychologist)

  • Attend IEP meetings

Populations Served

  • Social Communication Disorders - Children who have difficulty participating appropriately in social situations. Including children diagnosed with Autism, ADHD or a Learning Disability.

  • Language Disability - Children who have difficulty with listening, speaking, reading, or writing. May include difficulties with grammar, spelling, reading comprehension, following directions, etc.

  • Speech Articulation Disorder- Children who have difficulty producing and processing speech sounds. 

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